“Claire is an experienced media professional with a wide range of knowledge of what works and what doesn't in the world of media.


She recognises the power of 'story-telling' in gaining wider readership and better understanding,using people stories to help communicate the achievements of an increasingly complex technology world.


She is a good writer and an effective networker.”






Iain Gray

Director of Aerospace, Cranfield University

“Claire supported us in the development of our communication strategy, brand positioning and brand story in the complex medical technology space and healthcare markets in which our company operates. 


She helped us achieve full clarity on how to best communicate the purpose and the story of our company and its products, a task that required her to get to grips with our technology, the medical imaging market, and the particular aspects of the environment where we operate.


We had truly productive and enjoyable team sessions and I personally appreciate her incisive and relevant questions,  the straightforward and honest feedback that she provided throughout, and the excellent use of the team’s time and outcomes”

David Herbada 

CEO Oxford Enhanced Medical Ltd


“Claire has been a huge help whilst working out the PR strategy for a bootstrapped tech project.


Her formidable expertise linked with a friendly yet professional attitude to collaboration has meant our work together has been an entirely positive experience.


If you think PR is just “spin”, work with Claire, she’ll soon set the record straight (and you’ll be thankful for it too).”




Nicholas Tollervey
Founder, Codegrades

“I've had the pleasure of working with Claire as my mentor for the past six months.


She's a perceptive, energetic and positive force, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been invaluable.


Claire is not afraid to challenge an idea or way of thinking and is very quick to distil information and provide suggestions to help you achieve the best possible outcome.”

Hannah Reese

Marketing Manager, Warwick Business School