Our clients are small and medium sized companies with innovative products and services.


We also work with organisations that are part of the UK  science and innovation network, such as innovation consultancies and universities.

We put practical solutions in place that help our clients to become more effective in the way that they communicate and deliver their PR. 


Here’s a taste of our work:

Introducing PR to a global innovation network

We worked with, the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) to help them introduce a PR approach. SCI has a well-developed approach to its extensive professional networks and an embedded marketing approach but wanted to add PR.


A series of zoom based workshops, during Covid restrictions in the autumn/ winter of 2020, led to the co-creation of a PR strategy and plan with the SCI leadership team. We continue to support SCI as they develop a PR function and approach. 

Branding and PR for a tech spin-out

We took our client Sonosine Ltd, an advanced medical imaging company and a spin-out from the University of Oxford, on a 12-month journey to develop their brand and put PR foundations in place for the future. You can read a blog here from Sonosine's CEO celebrating the brand launch. 

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We worked collaboratively with our accomplished industrial design associates Stilo to deliver this project. 

Telling innovation success stories

WMG, a department of the University of Warwick wanted to start using success stories to show the impact of the work that they are doing to support innovative SMEs. We enabled them to introduce a dynamic storytelling approach that has helped them change the way they engage with their audiences.  Here's an example of the written stories.

The next big thing in coding education

CodeGrades is a brand new way for people to learn to code software. It’s a programming version of music grades, where people progress through levels until they achieve professional competence. We oversaw a research project, looking into the existing market place for coding education, culminating in a report. This showed how competitors performed when it came to traditional and social media results. We built the findings into a PR strategy, including a PR campaign to help launch the CodeGrades brand in a crowded marketplace.

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Innovation launch - Silverstone Tech Cluster

We ran a press launch and generated media coverage about a new initiative, that will enable the transfer of technologies and capabilities within the Silverstone Technology Cluster to other sectors. We handled the announcement for independent research and innovation agency Axillium, at the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) Annual Showcase Conference in May 2019. The announcement helped raise Axillium's profile within the cluster and outlined plans to build new collaborations between high-performance engineering companies.

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Opening up a conversation about PR

Xor Systems, an embedded hardware and software design company, based at the Bristol and Bath Science Park knew that they wanted to start to think about using PR to grow their business but were not sure where to start. We ran a PR clinic with CEO Jeff Graham and selected staff to look at the business from a number of angles and identify PR opportunities. Once the team had engaged in a Q&A session, we created a report, reflecting on the session, showing where the company sat on a PR maturity index and advising on steps to take to develop their approach to PR.  


Effective communication for academics 

WMG, a department of the University of Warwick specialises in R&D and innovation. They wanted to provide personal development training to their academic staff. The requirement was to help them communicate more effectively, in written work and in presentations. We devised a day-long workshop – ‘ How to get your message across’ and a two-hour workshop – ‘How to network.’ In all, we trained just under 100 academics, including senior professors. Feedback was very positive with nearly all participants saying they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the training.