The three PR bear traps

And how to avoid them

Claire Cunningham - Director - Rockallwight PR

Over the years, I have interviewed or supported 100's of CEOs and senior teams from small or medium sized companies, that have high-tech products. That was either in my role as a BBC journalist or as a PR professional working for the UK government.

In this blog, I draw on over 20-years experience, to outline the main mistakes to avoid, if you want to engage effectively with your business audiences.

Simply put, they are:

Bear trap 1 - Too much information

Bear trap 2 - Not showing your human side

Bear trap 3 - Not telling a story

I have seen many high-tech small and medium sized companies miss the mark when trying to communicate effectively with their audiences and its usually down to one or a combination of these three things. So, in the following three short videos, I describe the main PR bear traps and what to do about them. The good news is that they are problems that are quite easy to put right.

Bear trap 1

Bear trap 2

Bear trap 3

So, good luck identifying any PR bear traps that your company may have fallen into and remember we are here to help. So if you would like our support, just get in touch.

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