New Year. New Logo.

Aligning your visual brand identity with your purpose and values 

By Claire Cunningham - Director - Rockallwight PR

Pitching for success

In late 2018 I spent some time preparing to pitch my new business, Rockallwight PR, in a competition. The prize - £8,000 worth of business support. Very useful if your business is less than a year old and you are a ‘lean’ start-up. I spent time preparing my pitch, practicing my presentations and wondering whether I had a chance of winning. The tantalising possibility that I could win kept me focused.

During this pitching process, one of the judges, pointed out that while my business proposition was very credible, my logo didn’t align with my business mission or overall brand character. This was really useful feedback and I immediately set to work to address the issue. In my final pitch, I presented a range of logo concepts for Rockallwight PR. Luckily the designs impressed the judges and I won the Women’s Business Club, Maximise Dragoness’ Den Competition on the 5th December in Cheltenham.

Aligning the brand

Making sure your visual brand identity aligns with your mission, values and purpose as a business is important. A brand is not fixed and is always evolving and I have been on a journey developing the brand for Rockallwight PR. The initial logo, featured an anchor, aligned to the UK’s shipping areas in the name of the business. (You can read more about the genesis of the brand here.)

The first logo was created on a minimal budget but when I went about creating the new one, I invested in a good designer Chris McNicholl from Overflow Creative (still reasonably priced) to ensure success. Before I briefed Chris, I did some ground work. Making sure that I was really clear on Rockallwight PR ’s ‘ Brand Personality’.


I decided that the positive emotions linked with the brand are around giving customers confidence and peace of mind and that the business has a clarity of purpose and intent. When it came to negative emotions, it was clear that Rockallwight PR is all about helping clients avoid anxiety about the profile of their business and their brand.

Colours/ sound/ texture

I decided that the brand colours should stay the same as they were and be sharp candy colours/ mint green, using lots of white space alongside distinguished greys. The sounds associated with the brand are a steady pulse and then a crescendo when targets are met. The brand’s textures are smooth, slick and sleek.

Brand personality

After thinking all of this through it emerged that the brand personality could be described as smart, energised, alert, professional confident and positive. If the brand were an individual they would be a relaxed, energised and approachable business professional who is curious and interested in others.

I also worked on our vision, values purpose and objectives to ensure that I could align this to the visual brand identity. That’s all too much material to show you here but here’s a flavour:

Rockallwight PR’s Vision:

We turn innovative SMEs’ approaches to communications around so that they can communicate more effectively and position themselves and their product, in order to maximise their chances of success.

 Rockallwight PR’s Values

1.    Transparency - being open and clear about the way that we do business and our intentions, in all of our interactions.

2.    Empowering - encouraging and where we can, enabling everyone we come into contact with to be their best selves and do their best work.

3.    Listening – actively listening to everyone we interact with, in order to communicate more effectively.

4.    Connecting – working to make meaningful human connections for our clients and for the business.

Creating the logo

This ground work and additional material that I created, formed a basis for a conversation with Chris, the designer. He was able to take this groundwork and interpret it to create a logo that really reflected the brand character and Rockallwight PR's purpose.

It’s great to be celebrating the New Year with a new logo.

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