PR bear trap 2.

Do you know how to avoid major PR bear traps?

As the 21st century unfolds, it is clear that technology is becoming an ever more prominent feature in our lives. We are envisioning a future where AI will deliver really smart automation, at a level that will go far beyond disrupting production lines. It will also radically change the way office workers and management teams operate.

There's also the prospect of upgrading ourselves. In the future will we have genetically modified humans or willingly implant technology in our bodies to make us more effective? There's no doubt we are heading for a high-tech future but it's important not to forget our humanity as we do this.

In the second of three short videos explaining PR bear traps for high-tech SME's, I look at how companies with technical products or services can forget to show their human side and why this is an issue.

Here's a transcript of the video:

So, in this second video in a series of three short videos outlining major PR bear traps. I am gong to talk to you about bear trap number two - failing to show your human side.

I have seen so many high-tech small and medium sized companies do this. I think that one of the reasons is, that business owners think that because their products are so technical, there’s no need to real need to show a human side to the business.

The reality is that you want to engage and do business with human beings, so showing that there are people behind the products and services is so important.

It makes you relatable and it helps people to engage with you. So remember… it’s important to show a human side.

Watch this space for the next instalment in this series of three short videos, explaining PR bear traps to avoid.

I’m Claire Cunningham from Rockallwight PR and we provide PR for the UK’s innovators.

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