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We have been operating virtually with our clients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. All of our services can be delivered as a series of online video workshops and meetings. We have effective, tried and tested methods of working effectively using this approach. 

Free consultation
We offer a free one-hour consultation. Let's chat and explore your challenges and the potential solutions we could offer. This is your chance to find out whether our service is right for you.


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“Claire has been a huge help whilst working out the PR strategy for a bootstrapped tech project. Her formidable expertise linked with a friendly yet professional attitude to collaboration has meant our work together has been an entirely positive experience.”

Nicholas Tollervey
Founder, Codegrades


PR Clinic

This one-hour clinic allows us to explore the opportunities that you have to use PR to grow your business. With the right team members taking part, it's possible for us to assess your current situation. We can discover quick wins and outline where you could make progress using PR.

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PR Packages

We provide three standard PR packages designed to enable your business to access our services in a transparent and cost-effective way.


Our aim is to ensure that, wherever possible, the quote that you receive is the price that you pay.


All packages are pay monthly and available for 3, 6 or 12 months. There are discounts for the first year. 5% if you sign up to a 6-month package and 10% for 12 months.


We offer basic, mid-range and exclusive packages:

 The Basic

Enables you to introduce PR activity to your organisation or buy in additional support in a cost-effective way.


 The Mid-Range 

Designed for businesses that are familiar with using PR approaches and have some key staff who are comfortable engaging with the press.


The Exclusive

Aimed at businesses where senior staff are keen to take part in media interviews and where there’s a strong appetite for publicity and engaging with the press.

More information is available on request.

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Additional Services

We can also provide tailored support with:

• Communication Strategies.

• Reputation Management.

• Crisis Communications / Business Continuity Planning.

• Coaching for media interviews.

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